Introducing Variety House and Charitee!

COMING SOON! We’re proud to partner with Variety the Children’s Charity to bring another great addition to Oville. Charitee, our newest Cackleberry, was born without her bounce and lives life to the fullest in her wheelchair. Charitee helps children learn about differences and celebrate similarities. Access to Variety House is free thanks to our partnership […]

Discover Oville World.

Oville World is a fully animated educational world of fun and learning for children aged 2-5. Children explore the world, meeting the characters in Oville, who have many great things to teach through activities, games, puzzles, songs, books and art. Learning Includes: Letters & Words Pronunciation Numbers & Counting Problem Solving Creativity, Art & Colours […]

Visit Master HooBee’s Classroom, our first big addition to Oville.

COMING SOON! Master HooBee is the resident teacher in Oville, and the addition of his classroom adds 3 years of fully animated English curriculum to the Oville experience. When children visit Master HooBee’s Classroom, they receive teacher approved lessons in English including: 100 beautifully animated lessons each year Magic Mouth, teaching pronunciation Exercises to reinforce […]